Segway Victoria offers Segway Tours in the Yarra Valley, and our unique range of Seglympic Team Building activities. Please click on the areas above of how you can find the Segway is the best fun you can have standing up! If you’re planning a team building activity, break out session or social function and are looking for an interactive experience that’s new, genuinely fun & completely irresistible… look no further!

Seglympic is an unforgettable series of group activities through which participants experience the Segway Personal Transporter in a fully supervised format.

Our facilitators provide all necessary training before putting participants through their paces on these space age machines. Segways take no time to master, and as participants’ skills increase, we raise the bar to ensure a challenging and fun experience for all.

Our Seglympics range of activities can be as structured or as unstructured as the client desires. We can work with you to achieve your specific organisational goals or can simply reward your team with some fun times.

Regardless of any other goal, we can always guarantee our activities will be fun for all involved!

Seglympic can be arranged on any area of private land from the size of a tennis court upwards and is now available throughout Victoria. We can suggest a range of great locations, or if you have your own area in which we can provide the activities, we can bring everything to you. As the Segways are completely emission-free & almost completely silent, we can even provide activities indoors!

And of course – all Segway Victoria activities are fully insured and the highest safety standards are maintained.

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