The Blue Lotus Water Garden is a tropical style water garden spread over 50,000 sqm (14 acres) covered in tens of thousands of stunning flowers. The garden features two lakes and dozens of ponds, 15 ornate bridges, three large NEW sculpture fountains, over 2km of pathways lined with Banana palms and other ornamental plants.

The lakes and ponds contain a large range of LOTUS & WATERLILY plants all producing magnificent flowers.

Large greenhouse displays feature a range of rare and spectacular plants that you won’t see anywhere else in Australia like our famous Giant Amazon Lily.

The garden contains many facilities for all ages including a new family BBQ area with a kids Fairy Garden.

See one of the World’s largest water lilies Victoria cruziana  with giant lily pads that regularly grow over 5ft in diameter and can grow large enough to support the weight of a small child. In 2015 we grew a leaf that measured 1.7m in diameter and was the largest leaf in Australia.
If your here on the right day you also may see the giant lily in flower. The plant produces huge flowers over 30cm in size that open white then gradually turn pink before dying (within 48 hours).

Our new Amazon House is a purpose built greenhouse that replicates the plants natural environment in the tropics of South America and features many other rare tropical plants

We are in the process of helping the fairies move from their previous home to a new garden. The Flower Fairy Garden is a dedicated family area with 7 picnic huts and a park BBQ. The fairy garden will feature more fairies, giant mushrooms, fairy houses (cubby) and flowering plants.

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